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We Watched It All

近日,网飞 Netflix 发布了自己的2020年终广告片《We Watched It All》。由于疫情,今年大多数人都经历了漫长的居家隔离,刷剧是为数不多的消遣方式。而作为颇受欢迎的流媒体平台 Netflix 也站出来表示:“这一年真是看够了!唱首歌向花费大量时间看剧的大家致敬,和2020这出好戏说再见吧。”



I watched it all.
I watched it all.
I started streaming in the spring,next thing I noticed it was fall!
I watched floors turn into lava.


I watched sunsets being sold.
Every episode of Avatar, like I was ten years old!
But I watched it all.
I still watched it all!

Is it Wednesday?Is it Friday?
Time means nothing to me at all!
I watched La Casa De Papel.


EL Profesor taught me Spanish. 
I binged all that British Banking, then baked this awful looking danish!
Can Hemsworth please extract me from this year?
Thank god the end of 2020’s here!

This year went slow. But it also kinda went fast!
When you asked :“Are you still watching?”
well the answer’s always “yes!”
I watched a queen take pills and pawns.


I saw a doggy drink merlot.
And Sex Ed taught me to love myself even when I am all alone!

Yes,I scrolled it all. And I watched it all.
I watched all of unsolved mysteries, hope Enola gets them solved!    


I watched Emily slaughter French. 
I watched Lucifer rule the Earth.
Though I couldn’t help but wonder why he did it with no shirt!

Wait,I guess there was no Stranger Things this year
well that’s ok it is been a plenty strange year.
I caught feelings for an octopus. I trained with Cobra Kai.


Got wife tips from my matchmaker. Fell in love with Princess Di.
In number five’s time paradox, I made new BFF’s On My Block
I was Never-Have-I-Ever’s awkward teen.
stuck in bly manor quarantine!
And I heard Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tigers!

Every movie, every stand up.
Every doc and every show.
this year has been a 
We watched all.


What we love-watched, what we hate-watched.
doesn’t matter, watched it all!
We’ve done everything we can to keep our minds off all the madness.
Watched other people’s stories, help us deal with all the badness.


But I think that’s enough Netflix for this year!
Thank god the end of 2020 is here!