MOD茂田 | 鹿晗带你领略vivo X21的魅力

分类栏目:用户体验 - 视觉设计


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2018年作为MOD茂田的新开篇,春节前我们就开始了vivo X21的制作之旅。vivo的代言人正是人气流量担当-鹿晗,以及之前铺天盖地海报中揭晓的其对应的黑色新机型。

In 2018, as the new start of MOD, we started the production of vivo X21 before the Spring Festival. This time, vivo’s spokesman is the most popular singer – Lu Han, as well as the new black model unveiled in previous posters.



One of the main settings, with the studio decoration, is a science and technology feeling and fashionable style. The foreground is the realistic arrangement, the rear wall and the sea scene are all done by post-production. At the same time, the vivo will give the user a brand new unlock experience, that is the screen fingerprint unlock function.





In combination with the popular football snooker, mostly the film used a very dynamic camera motion and these smooth shots need to be completed by the Steadicam, which is also a great test for the camera focus.

Finally, let’s take a look at the full picture and get to know the core production team!

团队介绍 Team Members

客户 Clients: vivo

代理商 Agency:奥美上海 Ogilvy Shanghai

制作公司 Production House: MOD 茂田

导演 Director:Fabrice Coton

摄影师 DOP: Alexandre Jamin

副导演 AD: Hank

监制 EP: 周铉 Munk

后期公司 Post:Craft Creations